Analyse van je ATL campagnes van de afgelopen twee jaar


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2015 Winner ‘Market research agency 2015’, MOA Awards
2014 Nominated ‘Research Effectiveness Award 2014’, ESOMAR

2014 Nominated ‘Market research agency 2014’, MOA Awards
2011 Nominated ‘Research Effectiveness Award 2011’, ESOMAR

People don’t say what they do

and don’t do what they say

The brain of the consumer is very complex, with our innovative techniques we gain insight into what is going on in the brain. The left brain is analytical and the right brain is used for creative processes. We understand both sides and bring them together. Our methods are analytical and measure the creation and our input is visually given.

“They develop innovative techniques and apply those to gain new insights that convince a growing group of commissioners.”

MOAwards, Jury


“In the last two years we have pretested advance our expressions (TV, Radio, Print and Outdoor) in validators. We have seen that the changes we have made the utterances made more effective. What worked well, the Mock-Up method validators which visually displays the recommendations. That was for us and for the advertising agency very nice to work with.” Sander Gaalman

Manager Consumer & Market Insight, UPC Netherlands (Ziggo)

“As market leader in fruit juices in the Netherlands Friesland Campina has the responsibility to contribute to the growth of the market. Shopper research about the placement of the brand is known in the market, but research to a whole product category was unknown to the market research world. Validators has the right pioneers mentality, the brains and the flexibility that managed to succeed this project."

Jos Vervoort

Sr. Market Researcher FruitBased Drinks, Friesland Campina

"We asked Communication Analytics for a 360 degree insight in the effects of our online and offline marketing campaign to reach the best return of our investment. Communication Analytics provided us with not only short term insights, but also made it possible to translate these insights to concrete improvements."

Sacha Pepermans

Marketing Intelligence, KIA