Sky Radio wants to grow in the category 'radio listening at work'. Together with Validators and Exterion Media, research has been done to find out if you can move within a category by means of Out-of-Home. Results show that this is possible.

Never before has such an experiment been set up to so specifically measure brand change within a Category Entry Point (CEP).

With well-known slogans such as 'The Summer Station', 'The Christmas Station' and 'The Feel Good Station', Sky Radio wants to capitalise on consumers' moods. Listening to the radio at work is by far the most important factor for the listening figures. For this reason, Sky Radio wants to grow in the category.

Category Entry Points
We are learning more and more about the interaction between brand, campaign and creation. Most marketers are now familiar with the laws described by Byron Sharp in the two volumes of 'How Brands Grow'. It is crucial to make your brand mentally and physically available within CEPs that matter to consumers.

For Sky Radio, a four-week OOH campaign was set up in Amersfoort, where a sample of the group that saw the outdoor advertising was compared to the group that did not see the outdoor advertising. Amersfoort is an average municipality in the Netherlands and large enough to reach enough people through research (N=300). As a control group, the same research was also carried out in the Netherlands (N=600) whereby the demographic characteristics were kept the same as those of the groups studied in Amersfoort, in order to be able to make a pure comparison.

The study also checked for any regional effects. There were hardly any, which proves that Amersfoort is representative for the Netherlands.

Increased consideration
The campaign did exactly what it was supposed to do, significantly increase the consideration of Sky Radio for 'radio listening at work'. There is also movement on other CEPs, but nowhere as clear as for listening at work. The higher consideration is also reflected in actual behaviour. People who were certain they remembered seeing the campaign also indicated they listened to more Sky Radio.

The volatility of the Out-of-Home medium, where you have to get your brand and message across in one or two seconds, forces you as an advertiser to be clear and concise. Only then will your message be reflected in a purchase or action situation', says Martin Leeflang, CEO of Validators.

The results of this research so convincingly demonstrate the power of Out-of-Home that Validators and Exterion Media are eager to follow up on it in other industries.

Eva Rozenbeek, sales manager at Exterion Media: 'This is a fantastic first step in proving that Out-of-Home not only does something for brand and campaign recognition, but that it can also stand-alone influence consumer association in a specific CEP.


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