Much is written about marketing and there are quite a few myths about it. STEM Industrial Marketing Centre has initiated a series of four master classes, in which they go deeper into some of those myths. Mainly focused on industrial marketing. On February 11th the first one, where participants discover the truths and untruths of the myth 'marketing is advertising'.

Martin Leeflang, CEO of Validators, provides insight into the effectiveness of various communication tools, resources and media and what Mental Market Share is and does for your technical B2B organization.

Anton Slager (Laarhoven Design) then gives his vision on making one of those means even more effective: fairs and exhibitions. In addition, we will of course take a closer look at the myth 'marketing is advertising' and discover together what the truth is.

Location Laarhoven Design - Utrecht

Commencement: 16.00 hours
You're welcome from 3:30 p.m.
End time approx. 20.00 hours.

Validators can also invite five people to this beautiful event!
Are you interested? Then send an email to