After previous successful joint customer projects, Validators and KICK! Creative Agency have officially concluded their partnership this week. Validators are now testing the effectiveness of KICK! creations so that their expressions can be optimised before the start of a campaign. This mainly applies to video, banners and DOOH. With this collaboration, research tools and science will be used to the maximum in order to create the best creations for KICK!

Gabriel Koops, Managing Director of KICK! Creative Agency: "This collaboration makes our proposition unique. The fact that we can test and optimise creations in advance makes the crucial difference to the success of our clients' campaigns. The first pilots immediately give great results and we can't wait to let more customers benefit from this".

It is precisely in these corona times that measurable creation is relevant. The behaviour of consumers has changed and although more and more consumers believe that brands should just put their advertisements back in as usual, the context is of course very different now than it was a few months ago. This can lead to a different perception. To be able to examine the reactions beforehand, therefore, gives a great added value.

Martin Leeflang, CEO of Validators: "I am very proud that KICK! has chosen us as a permanent partner to optimize their creations. The collaboration between an advertising agency and a research agency is quite special. Only by testing you get the emotional experience of your creation sharp. In addition to the creative power, we also measure the impact in media and different target groups. This gives KICK! extra power in maximizing campaigns".

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