Brands are now doing everything they can to create new campaigns and propositions that match the new reality in terms of tone and content. To help them do this, Validators and Beautiful Lives are joining forces in an innovative research solution: IdeaCheck. With IdeaCheck you validate a concept or expression in a quantitative way and enrich your data with in-depth qualitative analysis. The take-outs are thorough and concrete.

Model that uses the power of quantity and jellyfish in three steps In
order to test quickly in the new reality, Beautiful Lives and Validators have developed a model with three phases. As you go through these three phases, you'll know exactly how to get the most out of your concept and where improvements can be made.

In the first two phases, your concept is validated and analysed quantitatively from the context in which it acquires meaning. From the offer of twelve intuitive and implicit tools, Validators delivers a custom made approach, which is combined with the contextual expertise of Beautiful Lives in phase 2. In this way, you know exactly what unconscious effect your concept has on the consumer (system 1). Phase 3 is followed by Beautiful Lives' experts who, in online conversations, deepen the consumer's underlying motives.

An optimal concept within two weeks
The combined approach provides customers with fast and well-founded advice at a competitive price within two weeks. Also unique is the fact that we can select respondents with a specific profile from a quantitative sample, which you can discuss in more detail later on in the qualitative phase.

Fabian Bäumer, Senior Insight & Innovation Expert at Beautiful Lives: 'We see that clients are increasingly asking for both a validation of ideas and the why behind the data. That is why a collaboration with Validators, in order to have an answer to these questions, is an important step in the future of market research.

Astrid Lubeck, Senior Innovation Consultant at Validators: 'IdeaCheck is completely focused on making quickly validated choices for the optimization of concepts and communication. The phased approach - with quantitative research followed by qualitative research - offers a time and cost efficient solution. This allows you to evaluate insights and adjust materials fairly quickly during the process'.

Both companies have high expectations of combining the two areas of expertise. Reactions from customers are positive and the first three projects have already started.

Together Beautiful Lives and Validators have been nominated for a MOAward no less than six times, each of them winning the famous trophy once.

About Beautiful Lives
Beautiful Lives is a leading insights and innovation agency, with strong qualitative roots and expertise. Our people-focused approach combines different methodologies to better understand behavior and underlying motivations. These insights help clients see and develop new growth opportunities and translate them into a new campaign, new proposition or new customer experience.


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