We researched more than thirty international, scientific publications and books and invested at least a thousand hours to gain in-depth knowledge about the workings of advertising... 'The Fundamentals of Creation' is a solid basis for research and an must read for every professional involved in the production and release of high quality content.

Prof. Dr. Peeter Verlegh of VU University Amsterdam expressed the importance of this foundation very strongly:

Science provides insights and theories that help you look at your customers differently. They help you to be better in your profession. But so much has been written and said about creation...where do you start reading? How do you use your scarce time as effectively as possible? This white paper shows you the way with bite-sized insights based on thorough, scientific research. The most influential books, reports and articles in our field have been brought together to form a clear foundation: The Fundamentals of Creation.

The Fundamentals of Creation covers four pillars that will help you optimize your creations: Breakthrough, Engage, Stick and Trigger. We describe them in detail in the white paper, a summary can be found at here.






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