We are very proud of our first FD Gazelle! It is the award for fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. This reward fits well in our growth curve. As innovative data crunchers, developing new methods and software is our passion. We do our best to get the traditional research world moving. Sometimes we swim against the current, often we move quickly with new developments. That has had results. Thanks to all our customers and Validators, without you this appointment would not have been there!

As a team we are very proud of the growth of the past three years. Validators focuses on building the brands of top 200 advertisers in the Netherlands. In doing so, we look closely at the customer's needs, in order to do projects that fit the specific communication demand. Our mantra: every customer is unique...methods are not. That's why we developed a standardized custom toolbox with software, processes and training for consultants. Brands can then look very closely at which tools and techniques they need at that moment to realise growth. These can also be just tools or an insights platform. Consultancy is no longer a fixed part of the mix, but always available.

Martin Leeflang, CEO and founder of Validators: 'This approach is our counterweight to industry standardization. The development team developed unique online "validation" software tools, which gives us an edge in the market. In 2015, Validators was named Market Research Agency of the Year by the MOA. Because of our innovative character, we were nominated for international awards several times. This FD Gazelle fits nicely in the list'.