How do you make more people want to buy or use your brand? How do you grow your brand sustainably? Professor Byron Sharp knows, and so will you later. By discovering your brand's place in the consumer's brain, you get input to steer and grow your brand. Our own Bart Massa will catch you up on 3 December during the webinar Let your brand grow! of MKB Brandstof.

By looking in an innovative way at when a brand is relevant to its target group, and what the (unconscious) motives are to eventually choose a brand, you get the right input to further grow your brand. It actually sounds very logical that your brand is only relevant when your customer needs it, but do you know for whom, how and where your brand is relevant?

During this knowledge session about sustainable brand growth, Bart takes you into the thoughts of Byron Sharp and the three-stage research project set up by Validators. Bart is a powerful and sympathetic storyteller and with a touch of humour he will certainly keep your attention during this event. Don't miss this session!

Date: 3 December
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Participation is free of charge.

Bart Massa

Bart Massa

Business Manager