Validators offers a research internship in the field of brand building and advertising impact research (minimum 3 months)

  • Start: immediately
  • Excellent internship fee
  • Flexible working hours
  • Be part of a young and fun team
  • Access to in-house expertise in the areas of brand building and advertising impact

During the internship you will carry out a brand building study. brand building research. The research focuses on the effect of advertisements on the mental position of brands among consumers The main question is:What effect do ads have on the mental availability of a brand?

In order to be bought as a brand, you first need to be be known among consumers. Apart from the physical availability of your products (i.e. being present in stores or online), you also need to be available mentally. This means that when consumers are in a consumption situation, they have to think of your brand, which makes them want to buy. Validators uses a number of metrics from recent scientific research to gain insight into this mental position of brands among consumers. In order to advise brands on how to strengthen it.

In addition to insights about the effect of advertisements on this mental availability, we are also very interested in other factors that influence the position of brands. Among which groups of consumers do advertions do well, or not at all? What is the relationship with competitors? Are there differences between typen advertisements, different mediumtypes or industrys? This is where you get stuck.

In a period of at least three months you will first dive into the theory behind these analyses and then you will carry them out yourself. Validators Works with data from clients in many different industries and with different issues. You will work together with an team with whom you will eventually report all results and new insights.

Working in a flexible and innovative organisation
Validators is a research agency specialized in communication and brand research. You are part of a young team that works with the latest techniques in the field of market research and neuromarketing. The team has extensive expertise in the areas of brand building and market research You will always be able to spar with someone about the content of your research. We think it is important to discuss the mutual expectations beforehand.

Your profile
We expect a hands-on mentality in combination with an pro-activepositive attitude. Therefore it is important that you see yourself in the profile below.

  • You are a third year, fourth year or master student of a university / college program in a direction such as Business Administration, Communication SciencePsychology, or you are doing another study/minor in which communication research are central.
  • You are good at research, analysis and your like working with quantitative data.
  • You are enthusiastic, precise and ambitious.

Are you interested?

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