Immediately at the first lockdown, Validators and VU Amsterdam started the Consumer Behaviour Monitor, to give marketers free tools for brand communication at the time of COVID-19. For a year, Mandy and her expert team shared all the ins and outs via MarketingTribune. Peeter, together with a few colleagues, wrote a scientific article about it for the Journal of Advertising. The gist: the pandemic increases consumers' worries and makes them feel less in control. The role that brands play in the lives of consumers is also influenced by this.

Where: NIMA Marketing Day
When: 9 September
Time: 15:30 - 16:10
Hall: Calf milk 2C

About Mandy
Mandy's daily goal is to raise the communication of brands to a higher level. With a specialism in creation research, she always translates data into concrete advice and key learnings for future communication.

About Peeter
Peeter conducts research into word of mouth, social media, branding and marketing communication together with experts from the business world and science. He advises various brands and organisations on these topics. Peeter also speaks at many conferences and universities abroad.