For the execution of communication research and the development of innovative tools, Validators has strict quality requirements. The security of client data, own data and information flows is a top priority. In order to guarantee this, the agency has had various ISO audits carried out, which it passed with flying colours. Validators is now the proud possessor of the ISO 20252:2019 and ISO 27001:2017 certificates. With these certificates the agency can also boost the sale of SaaS products abroad.

Validators now complies with the following standards:

The ISO 20252:2019 standard represents a general quality standard which, in addition to specific requirements relating to the design and implementation of market research projects, also sets requirements for quality assurance in general within the market research companies certified for this standard.

ISO 27001:2017 is the data security standard. Every day Validators processes various forms of third-party information in a secure manner. 

Validators is a research agency specialised in communication and brand research. With a strong drive for innovation.

Martin Leeflang, CEO and founder of Validators: 'For Validators, data security is priority number one. Only in this way can you offer quality and unburden your clients. The high quality of research was rewarded last year with a MOA award for Marketing Research & Analytics Bureau. The certification is also important because Validators is rapidly developing tools and techniques for the foreign market. Agencies are eager to get started with our software. Then data security and quality assurance are really key.

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