What makes a good marketing campaign? And what factors influence its effectiveness the most, at what investment cost?

Validators is looking for an intern who wants to answer these questions. In order to do this, you will develop a (scientific) model that finds correlations between investments in different aspects of marketing campaigns and the degree to which these campaigns achieved their goals. The starting point is to build up a good benchmark.

Do you think you can handle this challenge? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

This is what you get out of it:

- Working in a media research agency will no longer hold any secrets for you;
- Your skills in the area of data analysis and research will soon be on fleek;
- You will soon have extensive knowledge of carrying out research with a large database;
- Dealing with clients will become second nature;
- You can make a direct contribution to projects;
- Experience with the use of statistical software such as PowerBI, SPSS or R.

What we offer you:

- A warm and welcoming environment and the opportunity to work in a people-focused organisation.
- You will get the opportunity to develop yourself into a skilled researcher and data analyst;
- A hybrid working environment: you decide for yourself whether you work at home or at the office (provided that the corona regulations allow working on location);
- The freedom to work independently on your project, but also constructive guidance and constant support, so you are always sure of what you are doing;
- An attractive internship and travel allowance.

What we are looking for:

- You are driven and enthusiastic, and have a passion for research;
- You are in the final phase of your Master's degree or already have a Bachelor's degree.
- Experience with data analysis and knowledge of the use of software such as PowerBI, SPSS or R is an advantage.

Are you the inquisitive intern we are looking for? Send your motivation to Cathelijn te Koppele via stage@validators.nl

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