Notice! Available again as of March 1, 2023.

Validators offers a research internship in the field of neuromarketing and advertising effect research (minimum 4 months)

  • Start: effective immediately
  • Excellent trainee allowance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Being part of a young and friendly team
  • Decision to have in-house expertise in the field of neuromarketing


During the internship you will start conducting a neuromarketing study. The research focuses on the psychology behind the use of an online platform with the most important question: How can we make online reporting even more attractive? make for our customers to encourage their use?

Many people have a high engagement with social media and other online platforms. Not only because there is interesting information on them, but also because a good deal of psychology is applied. Shares, likes and clicks are digital compliments that give us a positive feeling and activate the reward system in our brains. In addition, social media platforms offer you an endless range of content that matches your interests, making it easy for you to get lost for an hour.

In addition to the above examples, there are countless other psychological/neurological principles that are applied in the online world. But how can we, as a research agency, apply the same kind of psychology in our online reports in order to make them even more attractive to our clients and stimulate their use? This is what you are going to find out!

In a period of at least 4 months you can dive into the theory behind the temptation of online tooling and our market research world. At the end of the internship period, you and we will deliver a research report containing the theory behind this phenomenon and how it can be applied within the online reports of Validators.

Working in a flexible and innovative organization
Validators is a research agency specialized in communication and brand research. You will be working in a young team that uses the latest techniques in market research and neuromarketing. The team has a lot of expertise in the field of neuropsychology, so you will always be able to spar with someone about the content of your research. We feel it is important to discuss the mutual expectations beforehand.

Your profile
It is an internship where a hands-on mentality is expected with a pro-active, positive attitude. That is why it is important that you see yourself in the profile below.

  • You are a third-year, fourth-year or master student of a university/bachelor's programme in a discipline such as Applied Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology or another study in which psychology and communication research are central.
  • You're good at researching, analyzing and technically.
  • You are enthusiastic, meticulous and ambitious.


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