In the run-up to NIMA Marketing Day asked Marketing Tribune Jelmer Wit and Bart Massa asked a number of introductory questions. The answers can of course be found below:


1 What is your personal motivation to speak at Nima Marketing Day?
Massa: 'Meeting clients and prospects and talking about the profession is an important way for all visitors to develop further. By exchanging knowledge, we help each other with new insights and input to become just that little bit better'.

2 What do you hope the visitors of your session will take home with them?
White: 'That consumers are involved with brands in a completely different way than we professionals. Our presentation is successful if we have convinced the visitors of the need to focus on the perspective and (un)conscious behaviour of consumers.

3 Tell us about your agency Validators...
Wit: 'Validators is an agency specialised in brand and communication research. The great advantage of our research methods is that we can easily adapt them to the wishes of the client. We help a wide range of clients to achieve brand growth; from global corporates to local players, from government to non-profit.

4 Where does Validators position itself in relation to the competition?
Massa: 'Through innovative tools, Validators allows brands to really look through the eyes of consumers'.

5 What is your personal motivation?
White: 'Innovation is in our DNA. Not only I, but many others within Validators get excited by using innovative research tools to provide brands with pragmatic insights. We help brands to optimise their communications and thus make them more effective.

6 Is there still marketing outside the Internet?
Massa: 'Certainly, although the Internet is becoming increasingly important in reaching specific target groups, TV is still an important medium. Especially when it comes to conveying a feeling or emotion. In addition, adding for example (D)OOH or branded content to a cross-media campaign is often of great value. In short, focusing only on internet communication is not always the most efficient way to success.