That Besured's B'tje campaign is talk of the town in marketing land is clear by now. Our research into this no logo campaign - and the accompanying article on MarketingTribune - took off after marketer and speaker Christ Coolen put the topic up for discussion to his supporters. We wondered about Besured's brand awareness and the branding of its campaign materials. Or whether there might rather be a Media Industry Bias. Although a grand unveiling and climax to the campaign has yet to occur, Besured recently branded its creations. Validators tested what adding the logo has achieved so far.

Our early October survey showed that one in five Dutch people (21%) recognized outdoor advertising. Meanwhile, more than a third (37%) recognize this OOH. A nice increase and with this Besured scores well above the recognition benchmark on outdoor advertising (26%). A small note: the sign has been up for a while and Besured has also advertised heavily online. More importantly, even with the logo on it, the brand connection lags behind, spontaneously only 21% of those surveyed play back Besured as sender.

Of course, we also included the distinctive brand element 'B'tje' in the study. Again, the desired effect fails to materialize, only 2% of the Dutch know to link it to Besured.

Jelmer Wit, Client Consultant at Validators: 'As true professionals, we at Validators look with great interest at the effects of no logo campaigns like this one. Although brand transfer is obviously not all-embracing, the desired effect still seems to lag behind. That Besured has gained a place in the minds of marketers is nice, but the ultimate goal, of course, is to reach a much wider audience. The big question, then, is whether the high recognition manages to change this in the coming weeks.'

We'll B back

We tested this when the campaign had just been running for a few days. We are monitoring it closely, and we will measure the effects again in a few weeks so that we can share them with you.

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