They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Brand associations brought to life through brand activations can have significant impact on consumers' brains. Until now, this impact has been limitedly measurable. On the one hand, such impact measurement was mainly observational in nature, on the other hand, recruiting the right respondents was experienced as a barrier. Reason for brand activation agency Kumpany and research bureau Validators to join forces and jointly develop a unique research proposition. This gives marketers the guidance they need to justify their investment.

Deploying scientific foundation for marketing strategy

With this new research position, the ambition is to go one layer deeper than with existing effect measures. The insight or exposure to the brand activation that activates the consumer's association network is central. Thus, we show whether preference is influenced at different 'Category Entry Points'. The research is based on the 'Associative Network Theory' and the thinking of Eherenberg-Bass Institute (Sharp et al). This maps whether people are actually more likely to consider a brand or product after participating in the live activation, event or activation campaign.

Measure effectiveness of activation campaigns

The results show you whether exposure to a live activation, event or activation campaign gets the consumer's association network moving. The report then translates into practical applications and learnings, so that the results are widely accepted. The uniqueness of the proposition is that the results show the effect in the mental market share of consumers after contact with the live activation, event or activation campaign. Clients get their own dashboard, on which real-time results are made available. The proposition is marketed cost-effectively to make it accessible to every marketer.

Wouter van Rijn, Strategy Director Kumpany: "For 25 years we believe in the power of effective brand activation and we see that live contact moments make a huge impact. Stand alone and in the mix with other campaign tools. However, we still lacked a smart, low-threshold research tool to properly understand the value of brand activation. We are offering the tool not only to our clients, but market-wide. In this way, we hope to make a greater contribution to the profession."

Martin Leeflang, CEO Validators: "This is a special moment that Kumpany, as innovator in the field of live activations, wants to make the mental market share measurable on its own productions. Professionally, this marks a unique next step in making the effect of live activations measurable on the same unit as other medium types. This will give brands real feedback on the value of their spend. I am proud that together with Kumpany we have put down a practical workable solution." 

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CEO Validators
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