A Shopper Decision Tree based on (subconscious) consumer behaviour

For successful category management, it is essential to map out shoppers' purchasing behaviour as well as possible. An important part of this is the decision-making process. Most of the processes that consumers perform on the shelf are controlled by the subconscious. Partly for this reason, we recommend that a Consumer of Shopper Decision Tree should not be mapped qualitatively, but should be based on the actual behaviour of consumers.

The foundation for your shopper strategy
The Shopper Decision Tree (SDT) reflects the decision-making process of shoppers within the category. It forms the solid foundation for your shopper strategy, with the goal of increasing your sales. The SDT helps you determine a shelf layout that matches consumer needs. You now know which characteristics are important to consumers and should therefore be prominently featured on the shelf. This offers opportunities to arrange the shelf more efficiently and to better match the (unconscious) wishes of the shopper. Shelf layout is just one of the many practical applications of the SDT. The SDT also offers important insights for optimizing product communication.

Validators maps your category's Shopper Decision Tree using a combination of methods including a unique online Shopper Decision Tree setup and Eyetracking. The output helps you understand consumer behavior and provides input to better respond to this behavior.

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Bart Massa

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