Brand review

In collaboration with VU Amsterdam Validators research into the position brands occupy in the minds of consumers and how to strengthen them. This is how we bring Mental Availability by looking at Category Entry Points (CEPs). Or in other words, situations in which you as a brand are relevant to a consumer, and what drives them to ultimately choose your brand. Watch the video here 'From CEP to mental market share: how it works'. Recently, we further complemented this research with what we call 'Share of Content': a combined analysis on Share of Voice and the content of ATL campaigns.

Marceline Veen and Jelmer Wit present the Brandreview Academy

This analysis shows precies the communication strategy of the different brands and the media pressure behind this. This allows us to identify blank spots and find out what threats are lurking. The unique combination of insight into the current position- and actual communication strategy of brands offers concrete tools to grow the brand.

A different industry under the microscope every month
In our Brand Review we take every month a different industry. Below is a handy list of all the studies and the articles we've already published about them. In addition, every month we provide a free online Brand Review Academy to interpret the results of the most recent research.

The Approach

The format of our Brand Review research consists of three parts. In part 1 the Category Entry Points are mapped through a preliminary research and workshop. Part 2 consists of measuring the mental position brands have in the brain of the target group. In part 3 we map out the communication strategy of the different brands through our Share of Content analysis.

What does it provide?
Through this setup, we ensure that the brand:

  1. Gain insight into consumer needs with Category Entry Points
  2. Gain insight into the Mental Availability of the brand and its competitors
  3. Know which Category Entry Points the brand scores well on and input to further capitalize on them
  4. Understanding competitors' communications strategy and associated media pressures
  5. Concrete tools to optimize campaigns and grow the brand

Want to know more?
Has your industry not (yet) been researched or are you looking for extra depth? Feel free to contact on the basis of the dashboard with the underlying data. Together we can look for concrete ways to grow your brand.

Sign up for the next Brandreview Academy is, of course, also possible.