Byron Sharp: from How Brands Grow to tangible CEP research

How do you get more people to buy your brand? And what patterns underlie this buying behaviour? And even more important: can you grow your brand sustainably?

In his book How Brands Grow, Byron Sharp takes a refreshing look at marketing. Based on many in-depth analyses, he provides numerous strategic guidelines for brand growth. Validators has set up a three-stage research process in which you can see for yourself which patterns in purchasing behaviour are unfolding for your brand. We measure relevance among the target group. With a workshop, 0-measurement and a Distinctive Assets research you will have strategic and practical insights for brand growth.

To give you a good idea of how CEPs research can help you further grow your brand, Marceline Veen and Bart Massa take you into the world of applicable brand research in this accessible video.

Is this exactly what your team needs? A more extensive workshop can also be booked separately!

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Bart Massa

Bart Massa

Managing Director