Advanced Media Analytics
There are various analyses that provide insight into the effectiveness of campaigns based on online qualitative research. In the contact frequency analysis we measure how often a consumer has been in contact with the campaign.

By matching the media schedule and media profile, a contact probability is calculated. This enables us to make in-depth analyses of the campaign KPIs. A consumer not only comes into contact with a campaign via the paid channels, but also via the website, customer service and word of mouth or in the streetscape. In our advanced media analysis we validate contacts and effects as accurately as possible.

Communication Analytics (CA): data science on campaignsecurities
Communication Analytics is a fully data-driven study that combines media broadcast schedules, website visits and specific KPIs (sales, shop visits) with statistical pattern recognition (machine learning) to measure the effectiveness of the media mix.

The form of marketing mixed modeling calculates the contribution of media in concrete costs per visitor (cpv) or costs per order (cpo). This allows us to accurately calculate the effectiveness of the media mix so that optimisation possibilities arise. Validators has now validated more than 700 million euros of campaign media use, with which we have built up an extensive benchmark. 

Campaign effect measurement with online research
Online research lends itself perfectly to determining the visibility of advertising in different media types. By recognising and remembering the advertisements, the effect is determined between the exposed and the non-exposed group (whether or not seen). In the more advanced form a pre- (0-measurement) and a post-measurement (1-measure) are done. This is a pragmatic research that allows you to map out the effect of your campaign.

Effect of campaign on mental market position
We measure campaigns that are intended to raise the brand to a higher level in the long term in a different way. It is important to find out whether the relevance of the brand can be increased by using the campaign. Inspired by Byron Sharp's ideas, here we create a CEP framework in which we monitor the relevance of your brand over a longer period of time.

Results say nothing without being able to compare them with scores from your industry. Validators works for the top-200 advertisers and has a carefully constructed benchmark for campaign effectiveness.

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