CASE: Greetz

Seduction and persuasion: measuring impulsive preferences

How do you tempt your customer to make purchases? Which triggers should you use or not? A very important issue for many companies, including Greetz. In the Netherlands, Greetz is the largest online seller of greeting cards and gifts that are delivered by post. The market leader was looking for relevant insights from different target groups into triggers or barriers to send Christmas cards via Greetz?

Measure impulsive preferences
We used our Persuasion Association Test (PAT) to map out the effect of these small differences. This tool allows us to measure quantitatively impulsive preferences. With the help of decision times (time-to-click) we are also able to measure quantitatively “impulsive” preferences. This setup fits in perfectly with the search for the right seduction and persuasion.

What are the triggers?
For the Greetz project, various variations in product range of Christmas cards to be provided online have been shown. Triggers that have been measured are price, promotion, convenience, photo cards, message and emotion. With this information, Greetz has adjusted the communication per target group in order to respond directly to the wishes of customers and not customers.


"A great way to quantify the gut feeling. With these insights, we can directly adjust our brand campaigns in order to increase long-term effectiveness."  

- Jaimy Daniluk, Brand Manager Greetz -