CASE: Hartstichting

What drives people to choose your brand?

The Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting) wants to detect and treat cardiovascular diseases earlier. In 2018 they received 52 million euros in income, thanks to the efforts of more than 500,000 donors, more than 5,000 volunteers and almost 50,000 collectors.
Validators helps Hartstichting to gain more insight into the effect of the marketing and communication activities on organizational KPIs, the brand funnel, image values ​​and current behavior. The aim is also to closely monitor the effect of the chosen media. With the addition of marketing data science, the ROI of offline media on the web visit is determined. Important results from the studies are always available up-to-date by reporting in an online dashboard.

Brand research new style
Hartstichting has opted for an innovative approach to brand research by choosing an approach based on data science and the philosophy of Byron Sharp in addition to a classic brand tracker. With a tailor-made approach, Validators looks for the motives and motivations people have to get involved in a good cause.

Larissa Put (Hartstichting): "It is important for a charity organization such as the Hartstichting to communicate effectively and use our resources as efficiently as possible. We have therefore chosen to set up a Brand Campaign Tracking with Validators. Their modern and effective approach has given us a very clear model in a short time."

Martin Leeflang (Validators): “Hartstichting has laid down a clear issue to make communication more effective with insights from research. It has become a progressive fact-based and cost-effective Performance Brand tracker with which we create 'rotary buttons' and improve the results of the communication of the Dutch Heart Foundation.”