CASE: Kinetic, Exterion Media and Ngage Media

Kinetic is the leading global out-of-home specialist agency. Exterion Media is the outdoor advertising operator and has a wide range of options as an advertiser. They can reach more than 60% of the Dutch and are market leader in interactive outdoor advertising. Ngage Media (now Ocean Nederland): digital OOH media operator with 285 large format screens in 168 locations.

Digital outdoor advertising is seen 52% better when the message is moving than when it is not moving. Consumers see the digital screen with a moving expression more often (+ 29%) from a greater distance and look at it longer (+ 18%) than with the non-moving variant. As a result, the total impact increases by 52%. This is evident from eye tracking research conducted by Validators on behalf of Kinetic, Exterion Media and Ngage Media. At Amsterdam Central Station, they let respondents walk around with eye-tracking glasses, in order to register viewing behavior and to compare the visibility of moving expressions against non-moving expressions on the digital screens.

Better viewed
The research shows that moving utterances are seen more often compared to non-moving utterances. On average, moving expressions ensure that the visibility percentage of the digital screens is 29% higher.

Looking longer
Another important outcome is that people look longer at a digital screen with moving expressions than at non-moving ones. Moving expressions, for example, cause an increase in viewing time of no less than 18%. A great result in an extremely busy environment such as Amsterdam Central Station.

Attention from a greater distance
For the first time, eye tracking in a real-life environment has investigated the distance from which a passer-by's gaze falls on a digital screen. A non-moving advertisement was viewed for the first time on average from 8.6 meters, a moving advertisement rather from 9.1 meters. This is significant in an environment such as Amsterdam Central Station, where people's attention is drawn from all sides.

The research convincingly shows that moving expressions provide higher visibility of the digital screens. Higher visibility in combination with a longer viewing time has a greater impact on the consumer. This is valuable information for advertisers who use digital outdoor advertising: moving advertisements contribute to a greater impact!

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