Concrete input for improving your Point of Sale material

Usually Point of Sale (POS) material is used to bring products to the attention of shoppers. However, shopping behaviour is very task-oriented, which makes it difficult to catch the attention of shoppers. Have your POS material tested to make sure it is seen and achieves the desired effect.

Understanding subconscious viewing behavior with eyetracking
To generate impact, POS materials must first be seen. By using eyetracking we gain very valuable insights into the subconscious viewing behavior of shoppers and determine the visibility of the POS material in a realistic environment. By hanging cameras in a store, we know exactly how shoppers move around. This gives us a detailed picture of which locations in the store are visited the most. You can then take advantage of this to increase the visibility of your POS material.

Are you looking for concrete input to improve POS materials?
Various online tools offer a solution. Innovative techniques enable us to obtain a detailed picture of the effectiveness of the POS material. We measure every desired KPI. In addition, we collect targeted qualitative feedback from the target group. In this way, you know exactly which elements within your creation are valued positively or negatively, and you collect concrete input for optimization. By combining quantitative and qualitative insights, we ultimately arrive at a complete picture of the effectiveness of your materials.

Wondering how to make your POS materials even more effective?
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