The power of creation has a huge impact on the effectiveness of campaigns, packaging, websites, POS materials, navigation and other types of communication. We help you get the most out of your creation by optimising commercials, packaging, leaflets and posters together. Forget expensive, lengthy projects. We offer pragmatic, short studies that help you optimise your material smartly and quickly.

Effect on emotion and salience
We go beyond asking whether an expression has caught the eye. With innovative tools in online research, we measure whether it actually catches the consumer's attention and elicits emotion.

On an unconscious level we measure, among other things:

  • Emotion in RTV and online (ValueFlow and EmotionFlow)
  • Conspicuousness of display (Eyecoding and eye tracking)
  • Arousal
  • Implicit associations
  • Recognition
  • Heart rate


The Fundamentals of Creation are based on literature research into the effectiveness of advertising. We reviewed more than thirty important international books and scientific publications and invested at least a thousand hours in gaining in-depth knowledge of how advertising works. The Fundamentals of Creation cover four core properties of an effective advertisement, namely Breakthrough, Engage, Stick and Trigger.

Here you can read exactly why we think these elements are important for testing your statement.

Fast and effective creation

The techniques we have developed are aimed at conducting research quickly and efficiently. So that you can quickly understand the results, and fine-tune a creation before it goes live.

We know better than anyone what an effective creation should look like. We know the potential and the qualities of the various media types and include this in the research. And all this is tailor-made.

Concrete advice that increases impact
You need not be afraid of unnecessarily complex reports. We come up with results that assess the creations for effect potential. Above all, we offer input to optimise the materials. There is no need to shoot a commercial all over again, but you make adjustments that are feasible within the tight timings and that have an effect.

A basis in science

We measure emotion in commercials through EmotionFlow or ValueFlow. When you ask us to test an outdoor advertisement, we use Eyetracking or EyeCoding to see if it really stands out. With Usability research, we provide insight into the usability of your website. Packaging we research with a rich combination of techniques.

So we have an appropriate answer to every question:

  • Can I shorten my commercial?
  • Will my commercial stand out in the commercial break?
  • Have I spent my media budget effectively in this media block?
  • How can I make my creation better?


Do you want to know how to increase the chances of a successful creation?

Please feel free to contact us. The more standard creation tests are now also easily and quickly deployed through our Creative Testing Platform.

Or contact Bart Massa.