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The Fundamentals of Creation are based on literature research into the effectiveness of advertisements. We researched more than thirty important international books and scientific publications and invested at least a thousand hours to gain more in-depth knowledge about how advertising works. The Fundamentals of Creation cover four core characteristics of effective advertising: Breakthrough, Engage, Stick and Trigger. Here you can read exactly why we find these elements important for testing your message.

We know that attention and involvement alone is not enough to encourage consumers to take action. People often make their decisions unconsciously (95%). Daniel Kahneman endorses this by stating that in our brains (System 1) emotional brand associations are created that are built up through, among other things, brand marketing activities.

Consumers need to be stimulated by your expression. This is a prerequisite for effectiveness. In the busy media flow that people have to deal with on a daily basis, it is important to break through the clutter. That is what we call Breakthrough.

If this is successful, an ideal expression will trigger an emotional response in the receiver, hitting a chord. It is an important factor in creating Engagement. Validators measure conscious and unconscious perceptions of communication, allowing you to know very accurately the emotional appreciation of audiovisual commercials as well as the viewing behaviour of static/graphic expressions.

In the Stick component it's about what's left in the memory after seeing the commercial, only to come out again at the time of purchase. The link between the ad, brand and message is crucial. Consumers also build up more subconscious associations with your brand over the years. On the contrary, these are often evoked at an unexpected moment. We also map out these unconscious triggers.

The last condition in the framework is to give a Trigger. It is very important to see if your expression triggers action. Now you can use your expression to steer behaviour on the short term, such as looking for information, shop visits or product purchases. But of course it is also necessary to contribute to behaviour in the long term. You do this by brand building, i.e. by building a positive feeling towards a brand.

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