ISO 20252:2019
Statement of Applicability (SoA)
22-07-2021 / Security Officer
Validators B.V.
Location: Amsterdam


Validators B.V. is a full service research company specialised in measuring communication and behaviour. We blend neuroscience and data science to make (un)conscious behaviour measurable and manageable. Validators works for a variety of clients and conducts research among consumers, business audiences and other stakeholders.

Validators has chosen to make sampling (including access panels), fieldwork, physical observation, self-completion and data management & processing part of the ISO 20252 certification in accordance with Annexes A, B, C, E and F.


Annex Applicable Not applicable Description
Annex A: sampling including access panels X  Purchased samples from panel suppliers, samples provided by clients
Annex B: Fieldwork X  Face to face survey combined with physical measurements
Annex C: Physical Observation X  Performing physical measurements, such as eye-tracking on location
Annex D: Digital observation  X Not in product range
Annex E: Self-completion X  Design of online quantitative research, data collection online quantitative research
Annex F: Data management and processing X  Data processing consisting of programming, coding, editing, tabulating, analysing, etc.