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One of the themes that is wildly interesting and relevant in marketing land right now is the Media Industry Bias. In 2021, the phenomenon was spotted by Bart Massa, and since then strongly subject for healthy discussion.

Media Industry Bias refers to the fact that someone working in the media industry looks at marketing and advertising in a different way than an average consumer. The Media Industry Bias arises from a misinterpretation of consumer thinking patterns. Whereas a marketer is busy with brands all day, it is completely different for the average consumer. Consumers have hectic lives. They are busy with work, hobbies, household and friends. Therefore, being busy with advertising or brands is absolutely not a priority for them. That it exists is a given. The only trick is to deal with it properly. Validators is happy to provide the tools to do so.

So too in this instructive podcast, all on topic.

The Fun Podcast on Marketing (Psychology) #02 "Media Industry Bias"

With: Judith Meinders, Christ Coolen and our own Jelmer Wit.

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