Media Mixed Modelling

Making data-driven choices in marketing and communication

Does your organisation also want to become more data-driven? Underpin strategic choices about your campaign with facts? We specialise in the field of Media Mixed Modelling (Communications Analytics) and help you with every step of the process: collecting and organising the data, carrying out targeted analyses and translating analyses into practical and clear advice.

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Data management

From various data sources to a digital overview.


Bringing data together provides important insights.


Optimise the upcoming campaign on the basis of clear advice.


Data Management

Data can provide a lot of insights, as long as you know what to look for. We give advice on which data can provide interesting insights and help you to collect, validate and organise it. The most important thing is that the different data sources are well connected; only then will you get a complete overview of all your efforts and results. We help you to connect the online and offline worlds to get a grip on your campaign. In concrete terms, this means that we help you with:

  • Collection and linking of data (internal and external)
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data visualisation




With well-organised data, you can answer a lot of questions. What exactly was the added effect of my campaign? Which media performed well? We not only determine the effectiveness of all your campaign efforts but also provide answers to more complex questions. What does my branding campaign contribute to my performance targets? Can synergy be created if I use different media simultaneously? For every type of organisation, we offer analysis possibilities to answer interesting marketing questions. Think about this:

  • Optimising the purchasing for your next campaign
  • Insight into the performance of each flight
  • An accurate and disaggregated look at the results by media type
  • Zooming in on the times when the consumer is reached
  • Effects of simultaneous use of different media types
  • Factors that influence your audience




The results from the analyses provide valuable insights, but the interpretation of these is even more important: how do you translate these newly acquired insights into practical guidance and clear advice? At Communication Analytics, we work in multidisciplinary teams and thus combine expertise in the fields of marketing, data science and econometrics. All with one goal: to help you make your next campaign even better. Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Compare the results with information from our benchmark
  • How an inefficient budget can become an efficient one
  • Optimising the purchasing for your next campaign¬†


We wanted a 360 degree insight into the effectiveness of our online and offline marketing efforts in order to get the maximum return on our budget. With Communication Analytics, we not only gain these insights in the short term, but it is also possible to translate them directly into concrete improvements.

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Marketing Intelligence, KIA Motors

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Bart Massa

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