From brand to market position
Strategic management of the brand goes beyond measuring awareness, preference and consideration. With validated scientific research, we help our clients make the step from brand awareness to market position. After all, your brand is an important variable in the success of your market position compared to the competition. With insights from research, you understand where opportunities lie to build your brand.

In this video we take you along in determining your market position.


Brand research is often custom-made
In addition to standard brand (familiarity, preference and consideration), we offer a stepping stone to pragmatic insight into growth potential. As an organisation, do you want to gain insight into the possibilities of winning a mental market share? Or do you mainly want to create a preferential position within a specific market? We offer a total programme that includes implicit brand association research, CEPs research - into Byron Sharp's ideas - and more. In addition, with the Institute for Brand Analystics we offer a scientific addition, for example by looking at Brand Relevance in Category (BRiC). Through flexible, customised research, we provide insight into the progress of your brand. To meet the many different wishes we offer an extensive research framework.

Your to do list:

  • Getting Brand Awareness Clear
  • Mapping buying relevance
  • Have a strong brand position in the face of competition
  • Loyalty to your brand clear
  • Triggers and barriers to buy your brand have in mind

Book our 'Brand and Markposition Workshop'
Would you like to know the latest insights on marketing laws? And how to apply them to your own situation? For €750 we provide a workshop of 2 hours for 8 people with experts. You can do this at your office or with us in the Moonlander. Ask for the possibilities.

Martin Leeflang

Martin Leeflang