Current insights in times of COVID-19


Consumer behaviour

What influence do the current coronary measures have on our consumer behaviour? The Consumer Behaviour Monitor offers you a weekly answer to this question. It is a clear dashboard that shows how behaviour changes with regard to products, services or categories. It is an initiative we started with Prof. Dr. Ir. Peeter Verlegh of the VU. Together we would like to help you gain a deeper insight into this bizarre situation.

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Vear view travel industry gloomy, vcalluses Dutch people put their travel plans on hold

The Dutch are increasingly adhering to the basic measures against corona. However, young people are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the limitation of their social life. The impact on sectors remains variable. The outlook for the travel sector remains bleak. This is not necessarily due to the government's advice not to travel abroad. Many Dutch people put their travel plans on hold. It looks more positive for brands and retailers in food and gifts. The Dutch spend more on this. As concerns and uncertainty also increase, brands are becoming more relevant again.

Young people are having an increasingly difficulttime
We have succeeded: the increase in the number of infections has turned into a decrease! Nevertheless, this week the cabinet has aggravated the partial lockdown and the concerns, which the Dutch have, have not yet disappeared either. Concerns about an economic crisis and the physical health of loved ones remain with 60% of the Dutch population. It is striking that young people in particular are increasingly worried. Not only in the field of health, but also financially and economically. Moreover, young people are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the limitations of the corona crisis. Approximately three quarters of young people have difficulty with the limitations of social contacts, more than half with the limited possibilities for sports and recreation, and 40% of young people have difficulty enjoying themselves.

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Validators are fully digital proof. We are averse to the idea that valuable insights in a report could remain in your desk drawer or flex safe. Our data is available 24/7 and anywhere in a pragmatic dashboard. In order to realize this, we created the Digital Hub, where process, analytics and reporting are digitized. The attached diagram shows where the Digital Hub stands in your project process. The dashboard of the Consumer Behaviour Monitor is a nice introduction to the output you can expect from Validators.