About Validators

Communication is a prerequisite for success in reaching people, citizens and consumers physically and mentally. Effective communication ensures that the recipient understands what it is about and acts on it at a certain point. Knowledge about how consumers react to communication and how they process it is key to achieving (marketing) goals.

Validators has a passion for making communication measurable and manageable, so that the sender learns what the effect is on recipients. Validators provides access to the conscious and unconscious brain position, so that communication gets the effect it is intended for. We give consumers a voice in the communication strategy. Validators' approach is one where the effect on unconscious and conscious and real behaviour comes together.

If the effects of communication can be measured, it is the starting point on the road to reaching the relevant target group.

Martin Leeflang started Validators in 2009 with the vision of using insights to make the effect of communication on the target group truly measurable and manageable. For Martin, it was obvious that scientific evidence-based methods and implicit techniques had to be an integral part of the approach. Cognitive psychologist Erik Prins - now managing partner - joined him to develop implicit methods in-house. Validators was born. The name honours the goal: validating to extract relevant information from data.

The driving force behind Validators is still making scientific findings easy to apply. An example of this is the Validators mock-up approach; with software (Eyecoding) viewing behaviour is simulated, whereby subconscious behaviour is reflected and expressions are made more effective (mockups). Our best-known mock-up cases are those of McDonald's and Four Roses.

Validation methods for measuring emotion and attention have been developed with various universities. It is not without reason that we have a permanent partnership with the VU Amsterdam and sponsor a PHD place. The methods have been programmed into software and are now directly usable by our clients, enabling them to make their communications more effective and to grow.

Even now, Validators still strives to democratise the data: clients get access to online insights themselves and preferably we combine them with other (brand) data that is available. It is in our DNA to build even more validation software according to scientific principles.

In 2021 Validators has grown to over forty employees. On 1 July 2021, we were named Marketing Research & Analytics Bureau of the Year!

We work for 130 (international) customers and have successfully developed 18 unique tools. See what our software can do for you.

Several R&D projects are made possible by financial support from the province of North Holland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.