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About 90% of all purchase decisions are made in the store. The design of the product plays a decisive role in this. Standing out on the shelf is the first condition for success; to be bought, your product has to be seen and found. At the same time, the packaging must directly communicate your brand and the product. If your design does not do this adequately, sales will be disappointing. Through research we record consumer behavior and help you to use effective packaging.

Product findability and shelf navigation
Whether your packaging stands out is determined by our unconscious brain that reacts to visual stimuli and directs our attention. With the help of eyetracking we record the unconscious viewing behaviour of consumers. We also determine the conspicuousness of the packaging. We also gather valuable insights about the findability of products and the navigation behaviour on the shelf.

Concrete input for improvement
The strength of the packaging is not only determined by the conspicuousness and findability of the packaging within the shelf. Seduction and clear product communication also play an important role. Various tools enable us to map out the visibility of individual elements on the packaging, such as the logo or the product name. In this way you know what is seen, but especially what is not seen by consumers. By linking these insights to the recognisability of the product and the brand, we offer concrete input for optimisation.

We are regularly asked to present multiple concepts to the target group. That is not a problem. Various online tools enable us to intuitively map out the preferences of the target group. Where necessary, these implicit methods are combined with qualitative feedback from the target group to get a complete picture of the effectiveness of your packaging.

"We offer a suitable solution for every step in the development process of a packaging design. By focusing on consumer behaviour, we offer valuable insights that help you make the right choice, not on the basis of gut feeling but through hard data".

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Bart Massa

Bart Massa

Business Manager

Validators and strategic design partner Mountain now come up with a new way of researching brand identities and packaging concepts in FMCG and retail. By cleverly combining data on (subconscious) consumer behaviour and design, we are together a strong consultancy partner for all your retail and packaging issues.