Digital outdoor advertising


Digital OOH provides beautiful new possibilities, but the creation must be able to exploit them. For example, you don't know when a consumer will pass the expression and you have to be able to convey the brand and the message at any time.

Digital screens appear to be even more capable of capturing attention, which means there is a higher chance of an emotional response - which is even more intense. This then results in higher brand recognition. What about the effect potential of your Outdoor Digital advertising? And is your message clear enough for the short timeframe in which it can be seen? Find out now (Turnaround time among nationally representative target group: 4 working days).

Here's what we get:

Brand transfer throughout the whole expression
Our Smart Recognition Test shows exactly when your brand will or will not be well communicated in the course of the campaign.
Brand Transfer Helped
Helped brand transfer shows how well consumers recognize your brand in a list of competitors
Confusion with competitors
We map out if you don't accidentally advertise for a competitor
Clarity message
Does the commercial succeed in conveying the message clearly to the consumer?
Options: Information search, Website visit, Shop visit, Consideration, Purchase, Buzz
Likeability statements
We measure the overall rating using 9 statements from our BEST Creation Framework
Personal contact with a consultant
One of our experienced Insight Consultant is always available for you.
Concrete advice
We translate data into advice: How does your commercial become 20% more effective?
"With the Smart Recognition Test on four different Ziggo Sport expressions we were able to determine very precisely which one works best for Ziggo and which improvements we need for the most optimal result".
Celesta L├╝cker-Swart

Sr. Market Insights Consultant, VodafoneZiggo

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Our reports are pragmatic and give real recommendations to optimize your expression.

Take a quick look at our DOOH case with Exterion Media, Kinetic and Ngage Media on the added value of movement in out-of-home.

Joris van der Zwan

Joris van der Zwan

Client consultant

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