About 90% of all purchase decisions are made in the store. The design of the product plays a decisive role in this. Standing out on the shelf is the first condition for success; to be bought, your product has to be seen and found. At the same time, the packaging must directly communicate your brand and the product.

We know better than anyone that developing packaging is a challenging process. With a wide variety of tools we help you to make the right choice and deploy a successful packaging. We measure among other things:

  • Striking
  • Findability
  • Communication power
  • Brand and product recognition
  • Implicit preferences
  • Purchase intent
  • Distinctive Brand Assets
  • and much more.

We offer opportunities to carry out research at every stage of packaging development.

Innovative (neuro)tooling to solve your packaging problem
Whether your packaging stands out is determined by our unconscious brain that reacts to visual stimuli and directs our attention. We use eyetracking or Eyecoding to record the unconscious viewing behaviour of consumers. We also determine the conspicuousness of the packaging. We also collect valuable insights about the findability of products and navigation behaviour on the shelf.

Concrete input for improvement
The strength of the packaging is certainly not only determined by the conspicuousness and findability of the packaging within the shelf. Seduction and clear brand and product communication also play an important role. Various tools enable us to map out the visibility of individual elements on the packaging, such as the logo or the product name.

In the report we provide concrete answers to the research question and we offer input to make your packaging even better!

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Bart Massa

Bart Massa

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