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It is a fact that 60% of the effect of your campaign is determined by the creation. So how do you ensure that your television campaign is a great success? By pre-testing it live on both traditional KPI's and based on the emotional experience the campaign evokes in your target group!

Emotion is one of the most important predictors of a successful campaign. It is therefore not surprising that, based on the pragmatic and clear advice provided by Validators, a commercial becomes on average 20% more effective!

Also get to know the SaaS products of Validators, with which you can test your commercials yourself.

"Thanks to Validators' Facial Coding and ValueFlow analyses, we were able to clearly see the emotions that the commercials convey. These results would probably have come out less well in a 'classic' pre-test".
Hanneke Theuws

Senior Market Researcher, The Dutch Red Cross

Within 24 hours!Within 2 days*Within 5 days*
Emotional Rating (ValueFlow)-
Presence of emotions (neurotool Emotion flow)--
Open brand transfer Open brand transfer shows how well consumers remember your brand spontaneously after seeing your commercial in a commercial block.
Brand Transfer Helped Helped brand transfer shows how well consumers recognize your brand in a list of competitors.
Confusion with competitors We chart whether or not you accidentally advertise for a competitor.
Clarity message Does the commercial succeed in conveying the message clearly to the consumer?
Call-to-action Options: Information search, Website visit, Shop visit, Consideration, Purchase, Buzz
Likeability statements We measure the overall rating using 9 statements based on our BEST Creation Framework.
Personal contact with a consultant One of our experienced Insight Consultant is always available for you.
Concrete advice We translate data into advice: How does your commercial become 20% more effective?
*Subject to a nationally representative target group

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Our reports are pragmatic and provide valuable recommendations to optimize your expression.

Joris van der Zwan

Joris van der Zwan

Client consultant

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