This is the power of online video

70% of the media expenditure is focused on online. Pre-rolls on YouTube are now a regular part of it. A big advantage of the medium is that you can reach your target group in a targeted way. The fact that a pre-roll is often clicked away means that as a brand you have to get your message across effectively in a short period of time. Add to that the fact that a creation determines the effect of your campaign for 60%, and you see that a creation test for online video is indispensable for a successful campaign. A nice bonus is that it only costs 10% of your budget.

Attention is a basic prerequisite for advertising effectiveness. After all, it is important that you break through the clutter and catch enough attention. That's what we, in our BEST Creation Frameworkcalled Breakthrough. To test your ability to breakthrough, Validators has developed the Video Ad Forecast. Key here is that we test in such a natural environment. Respondents are allowed to indicate what type of video they are watching during the investigation. With the Video Ad Forecast we then map out whether a pre-roll succeeds in capturing attention. This can be done in a forced or non-forced way. In addition, depending on the objective of the video, we can also analyze it a layer deeper with ValueFlow. In this way you not only measure breakthrough, but you can further optimise your creation in the engagement phase of the BEST Creation Framework.

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Joris van der Zwan

Joris van der Zwan

Client Consultant