Validators starts a development process with implicit techniques for The Public Information and Communications Service

The Public Information and Communications Service (DPC) supports all Dutch government departments and implementing organizations in communicating with the public and professionals.

Validators start development process with implicit techniques for the Public Information and Communications Service. For everyone who knows D. Kahneman, A. Dijksterhuis, T.D. Wilson, V. Lamme this is a well-known story: the unconscious plays a very important role in shaping our opinions, decisions and behavior. More and more researchers and marketers are also beginning to recognize the importance of this. They are integrating more and more new research techniques to measure the unconscious for their marketing and campaign strategy.

Three implicit research techniques
Also within the government and in particular within the Department of Public and Communication (DPC), the importance of knowledge about unconscious processes in the evaluation and design of campaigns and how this can be measured has been investigated for a number of years. Since 2017, Validators together with Prof. Peeter Verlegh and Dr. Jiska Eelen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) support DPC in this search. To this end, Validators has developed three research techniques to measure opinions, opinions and willingness to take action at an unconscious level. The techniques are applied in at least three different campaigns in order to evaluate and optimize the effect at the implicit level.

Knowledge sharing during the Innovation Parade
Recently some of the results were presented during the Innovation Parade in the Royal Theatre in The Hague. During this Innovation Parade it was presented how the implicit techniques of Validators have answered the question: "Can a campaign really contribute to improving the attitude to take action in case of doubt about domestic violence?

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