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Custom made
Innovation is our engine. That is why we have an Innovation Lab with our own development team. Validators arose from the need to offer a suitable solution for every brand and communication issue. Every customer has his own specific questions, we have a dedicated team with suitable solutions. They work on innovations and tailor-made solutions on a daily basis. If you have a different issue or want to look further than the beaten track, then we would like to think along with you.

Science and market research go hand in hand
We have a sponsored PhD place with VU Amsterdam and together we started the Institute for Brand Analytics. This program runs at least until 2022.

To innovate from science, we work closely with universities in Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Utrecht and Amsterdam. In recent years we have developed various software tools that make complex issues pragmatically measurable, such as:

  • Implicit Response Tools (IAT)
  • Measuring emotion in RTV and online video (Valueflow 2.0)
  • Eyecoding – online simulation of viewing behavior
  • Communication Analytics – Marketing mixed modeling media effectiveness
  • Market position modeling based on Category Entry Points (CEPs)
  • Facial coding – emotion based on facial expression (A.I.)
  • Eye tracking

Complex issues require an innovative approach
Whether you are looking for innovation in shopper research, Implicit Association Testing or brand research, we are happy to think along with you. Validators is a strong advisory partner. Our clients and their needs are the starting point for innovation. We are open to every issue and always come up with a solution. Together we make a fundament for the research of the future.

Erik Prins

Erik Prins

Managing Partner

020 -716 3775