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The solution for online eye tracking

With our in-house developed EyeCoding technique you implicitly measure what the effect is of (briefly) showing your creation. In daily life, consumers often only have two seconds to absorb your expression. By discovering and testing what viewers can play back after a short moment of contact with your creation, you can quickly optimise the expression. Eyecoding can be used to test a brochure, leaflet, flyer, magazine, advertisement or letter. The software is now also available as a SaaS tool.

The advantages of EyeCoding:

  • Proven implicit measurement method.
  • Respondents participate in their own familiar (home) environment.
  • Quantitative approach, at least N=150, making deep dives easy to make.

Whitepaper The Science behind EyeCoding

To go a little deeper into the technology behind EyeCoding and the comparison with eye tracking, Astrid Lubeck and Erik Prins have written a clear white paper. You'll want to read it!

Pragmatic handles to optimize your expression

EyeCoding software from Validators allows you to start optimizing your expression in a very practical way. Through heatmaps, attention percentages and viewing times, you know exactly which elements of your expression can attract and hold attention.

On the right a case of Nespresso that shows how this works. You can request the full demo here.

Curious about what EyeCoding can do for your OOH OOH? Check it out here.



"For the HvA, we were looking for UX tools that are intuitive to use and flexible for both students and researchers. Moreover, they had to fall within the current privacy restrictions. The Validators tools are very handy and give exactly the leeway that a researcher/student needs: the user easily and quickly receives data to adjust the user experience. The manual provided is extremely clear and the VALIDATORS team is always available to help think things through, to come up with solutions and also to re-evaluate the tools for their workability. Moreover, the immediate availability of the data and the easy implementation give young researchers a positive impulse, while seasoned UX researchers can fine-tune and tweak research. What's more, thanks to an interface that works on any computer without installing any programmes, you can carry out your research remotely if necessary. We are very satisfied!"

Harold Pflug,

Research lecturer at the HvA

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