Validators determines optimal portfolio for Lucozade (Suntory)

Validators very recently (April 2024) conducted a comprehensive portfolio review for Suntory (the parent company of Lucozade, Schweppes, Orangina, etc.) in Trinidad & Tobago. Read more >

How a strong brand policy earned Škoda a higher market share

...And a SAN Consistent Accent! Join us on a brand journey. Read more >

Sustainability of the brand strategy through Category Entry Points

How do you create a brand strategy that fits? And how do you keep in touch with your target group? MKB Fuel investigated. Read more >


Clear increase in appreciation for Goody Good Stuff due to ValueFlow deployment. Read more>

Eye tracking: moving digital outdoor advertising 52% better seen

Moving displays increase the visibility of digital screens. Read more >

Adjustments increased brand recall by 22%

For whiskey brand Four Roses we investigated the effectiveness and conspicuousness of outdoor advertising. And with success! Read more

Video Storytel 16% higher brand awareness after collaboration between Validators and KICK!

How data collection in the concept phase contributes to the effectiveness of your expression.
Read more >

Communication effectiveness

The combination of CEP research and implicit association measurements allows ANWB to push the "buttons" of the brand. Read more >

Increased international understanding of brand identity

What is the state of brand awareness, image and competition in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy? Read more >

Drivers in a strong brand choice

What is the effect of marketing and communication activities on organizational KPIs, the brand funnel, image values and current behavior? We mapped it for the Heart Foundation. Read more >

No-logo expression costs McDonald's 38% in brand impact

McDonald's lacks effectiveness and competitors like Burger King 'eat along' nicely. Read more >

Iconic outdoor advertising works for Coca-Cola

What is the effect of iconic 'Dutch' expressions for brand transfer and Brand DNA: how well is the brand still recognizable in a short contact? Read more >

'Talking' questionnaire helps TUI conquer tour market

Understanding drivers and barriers within the category through deployment of StoryFlow.
Read more >

Input for marketing strategy for Boldking

Mapping CEPs for Boldking in the Netherlands and Germany. Read more >


Is TP Vision (Philips TV) conquering Europe with OLED+?

Validators helps Philips TV to position itself as a premium brand.
Find out more

Implicit techniques for testing impact campaigns

Using implicit methods, we found out the (unconscious) beliefs and willingness to take action regarding campaigns for DPC. Read more >

Impulsive preferences


What triggers people to send a heartfelt Christmas wish in the dark days before Christmas? Or what exactly is it that keeps them from it? We picked it out for GREETZ. Read more >

Advice reallocation total advertising budget

In eCommerce, offline communication also contributes in generating web traffic. Read more >

Market research agency of the year

They develop innovative techniques and convert them into new insights that convince a growing group of clients'.